Soap Class can be for children 12 and up and parents has to participate ( pay for the spot) in the class with a child younger than 18. It is mainly grown up class.

If you are booking class bought on Groupon, Social Shopper or Living Social please email us ( your VOUCHER NUMBER, all the emails of the participants, date and time. (no booking over the phone)

Below are examples of the vouchers:

Groupon (under the bar code) 2975-8830

Social Shopper: UU8PVHXPFD

Living Social:1000251776340

Booking has to be placed before voucher expire date BUT CLASS CAN BE TYAKEN AFTER. Already expired vouchers can be used as the purchase value towards the class price ( expired voucher + 35$ per person )


3 hours course|$85 +GST (promo price till end of 2018 $45)

Why join our classes?

tools and supplies provided | max. 12 students | 


During the course you will become a soap and bath fizzier maker. Various recipes will be cover together with detailed handouts. You will leave course with at least 4 bars of soaps and 4 of bath fizzes.

We booked over 4000 students and lots of classes are already full, there will be more dates all the way till summer 2018, currently we have spot for below:


January 17th: 2pm-5pm; 6pm-9pm (1spot left) (Wednesday)

January 27th: 9-12pm ( 1 spot left)  (Saturday)

February 16th: 10am-1pm ( Friday)

February 21st: 6pm-9pm ( Wednesday)

February 22nd: 12:30pm-3:30pm (Thursday)

February 24th: 9am-12pm;  4pm-7pm( Saturday)

March 3rd: 12:30-3:30pm; 4-7pm  (Saturday)

March 31: 9am-12pm; 12:30pm-3:30pm (Saturday)


Soigne has been making handmade beauty products for the last 20 years. Using all natural ingredients, pure essential oils and olive oil you will learn how to make your own handmade spa products. You will be provided with handouts and additional soap recipes. After the course you will become a soap and bath fizzier maker and leave the lab with your own handmade beauty products.


Students will be asked to bring:

  1. Big Towel ( it will not get damaged)
  2. Plastic shopping bag
  3. Shoes box
  4. Wear long sleeves for safety while working with Lye (Caustic soda)

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