Origami Orizuru Crane in Sterling Silver Pendant Class


2 hours  class|$90 plus 5 %GST (Groupon  price $59)


Why join our classes?

tools  provided | max. 12 students | 

There will be more dates all the way till end of 2018


If you are booking class bought on Groupon,  ( your VOUCHER NUMBER, all the emails of the participants, date and time. (no booking over the phone)

Below are examples of the vouchers:

Groupon (under the bar code) 2975-8830

To book a class email us at :
January 31st: 5:30-7:30pm; 8pm-10pm  ( Wednesday)
February 16th:  2:30-4:30pm ( Friday)
February 17th: 9am -11pm; 11:30-1:30pm  ( Saturday)


In this 2 hour class you will make a 1/2 inch Origami

Orizuru “Honourable Lord Crane” in sterling silver. We will be using a PMC* (precious metal clay) technique originated from Mitsubishi, Japan. Using pliers we will make a loop for a chain and you will take home a necklace that will be ready to wear. 

The class price does not include the cost of the silver.  The materials fee will be determined by the current silver market value and will be collected in the class (cash only please).  Currently the price of silver  is $10/student, and may increase without notice.
Silver plated chain is provided, if you require Sterling Silver Chain it is available for purchase for 10$
Please bring reading glasses if you require them. 
*PMC ( precious metal clay)metal clay is a combination of water, binders, and small particles of either silver, gold or alloys of copper. These clays are molded by hand into a desired shape then heated in a kiln or torch to remove the binder and fuse the metal powder into a solid form.