Welcome to the Soigne. Based in the heart of Vancouver art scene, Soigne is the place where just about anyone’s artistic fantasies and crafting desires can be fulfilled. You can take classes in a wide array of mediums

If you would like to see the full list of classes we offer and dates, please go to CLASSES on the main menu or look at the list on the right hand side of the website.

What makes us unique ?

We offer classes at your convenience. If our schedule doesn’t work for you, just send us an email at beata.kc@gmail.com  and we will do our best to accommodate you within your schedule ( We offer the most flexibility you’ll find for classes in Vancouver) – exclude Social Shopper, Groupon, Living Social, Biko and Field Trip promotions

    • All the tools and supplies are provided (You can see if you like a technique, before investing in a ton of tools and supplies)
    • Small classes of up to 4-8 students (You get more individual attention than anywhere else) (Social Shopper, Groupon, Living Social, Biko and Field Trip –  12 students)
    • We are Vancouver based, 2 blocks east of Gastown (No need to travel to the suburbs to take cool classes)


Our cancelation policy:

1. NO SHOW  – you can still use your voucher with additional coast to full price class. ( additional 25$ per person) – yes we are generous as nobody does that in town
2. CANCELATION with in 48 hours before the class – you can use your voucher to reschedule with additional 20$ per person  ( That is min what cost us to reschedule you ) Except groups bigger  than 3 the cancelation policy with in 4 days before the class.
3. CANCELATION 48 hours before the class – you can reschedule your class. Except groups bigger  than 3 the cancelation policy is more than 4 days before the class.
We only allow 1 time class reschedule. 


For class schedule please go their individual pages