Can you imagine that friendship with Beata started when we were 4?!!..it has been 30 years and it will last for ever !!! And she didn’t change at all! As a child she was full of crazy ideas. We spent hours on clay modeling, knitting, sewing, drawing. Beata reminds me of my childhood. She IS my childhood! Even though she’s thousands miles away from Poland I always feel like she is just next door. Her energy is infectious! She shares her passion with huge enthusiasm. The distance doesn’t matter. She taught me how to make soaps, hand made paper, soldering pendants, jewelry!! I wish I could participate in Beata’s workshops as I’m sure it is spectacular and magic!

Weronika Szymanska (Filipek) (POLAND)


When I found Beata’s site I was admired by her handmade things. They are quite amazing! I couldn’t guess how she and her students can make it themselves. I was acquainted with Beata by email. And once she sent me some copies with nice workshops about making polymer clay jewellery and an instrument which is very useful in making jewellery. It gave me a great inspiration and new ideas)) I’m inspired by Beata’s creation. I’m happy to be acquainted with such an open, creative and interesting person!))

Yana Marcuk (BELARUS)


This year I learned how to make soldered pendants at Beata’s studio in Vancouver. The class was so much fun, learning a new craft with friends. Beata was so kind leading us through every step and patiently showing me how to save my projects that I thought I had ruined. After the session ended all I could think of were different designs, and wanting to improve my soldering technique. Beata’s passion for art and working with many different mediums is so inspiring! With her guidance and open encouragement I set up my own small studio space at home and started by including the pendants with my pottery at the Powell Street Festival! Thank you Beata!!!



I met Beata through my mom, who is a friend of her mom. When I heard that she was teaching soap making classes, I got so excited, I said I had to learn. At that time I was visiting my parents in Vancouver for Christmas.
So I went and met Beata in her studio. She was nice, warm and so friendly. I immediately fell in love with her studio, I thought it was such a creative place for artisans and artists. My first soap class was just me and the teach’. It went fast and and it was easier than I expected.
After pouring the soap in forms, Beata gave my first batch home. I admit, I was quite proud of it.
A couple of weeks later, I returned to my home country, Romania. Here, I started to think about making soap again. My cousin, who is a photographer, told me about his idea of making handmade paper and handmade soap, before I met Beata. So, it took on that idea, and began making batch after batch, trying recipes, blending aromas, oils and clays. I enjoyed the whole process of working with senses. When I sold my first 50 soaps at a Crafts’ Fair in Bucharest, and I received a good response from customers, I became encouraged to start my own business, selling my soap. So I did. Now, I have my own site and a couple of distributors. I am moving ahead slowly. I have only 5 types of soap, since the legislation here is quite strict and the lab tests are expensive, but I am hoping one day to have more.
Well, this is my soap story. When I graduated from UBC with a Visual Arts degree in 2005, I never thought this would be what I would be doing in a few years. But I’m glad I am, and I wouldn’t have done it if it weren’t for Beata to teach me.
She hasn’t given up teaching me, and is currently giving me long distance classes on making creams and lotions to expand my product offer.
Beata, my many many thanks to you. Don’t give up what you do. You do it with love and passion and are source of inspiration for many of us.
Miss you tons.
Mima Sorocean (ROMANIA)



It was a real pleasure to meet you, and spend some time learning about polymer clay.
I loved creating the magical beads . It was very inspiring to be in your studio with you and see all of your creative projects on display.

I am very pleased with the beads that I made, and am looking forward to experimenting on my own.

Thank you so much  for your generous offer to let me  email you with any questions, and also for lending me the
Donna Kato Millefiori Techniques- I have been looking through it, and am very intrigued with all the projects in the book.

You are are wonderful teacher, and I look forward to taking another class with you again sometime.
Thank you for opening up a new world of creative possibilities for me. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon!!!



Thank you so much for showing me all of your jewelry and crafting techniques! This experience has been so “freeing” for me – as I experiment with my creative brain! You are great woman and I wish you all the best in all of your mixed media endeavors.



A couple of weekends ago me and a girlfriend went to Octopus Studios in Vancouver to take a pendant making workshop at Soigne with Beata Kacy. It felt so nice to work with my hands again instead of the computer!
We had a really great time, it is a great space and Beata is such a good teacher and very hospitable. I highly recommend any of her workshops, she also provides you with so much information on supplies and materials so you can make your own stuff. She is really talented and has a lot of interesting original pieces



Beata volunteered some of her precious time to teach 3 of us the basic jewelery course as part of a charity event at work.

She is an amazing teacher. She’s patient and is more than happy to share her own work and will take as much time as needed so that you are totally happy with the piece. You can just tell how passionate she is about her crafts by the way she teaches.

I made 3 pendants and a cuff in one 3 hr lesson. It was the first time that I’d really tried anything creative and I loved it and am totally hooked. Her jewelery is amazing; every time I wear my pendants out someone comments on how cool they are and can’t believe that I actually made them.

When making more of my own jewelery I will always look at hers for inspiration



The 3 hour pendant making workshop with Beata was an amazing experience. Beata is a patient and lovely teacher. She made me feel that everyone, even I, can be creative in some way or another. She is one of the most talented people I know, from wonderful jewelry and a funky felt fetish, to outstanding photographs and more. Nevertheless, she is a very modest person and seems happy to learn from her students creations as much as wanting to impart her knowledge and passion on them. I had so much fun making pendants that I haven’t stopped since Beata’s workshop.

Thanks Beata, you truly rock,
Dana Sharon

The pendant workshop was a blast. Beata is an extremely good teacher and her enthusiasm is inspirational. It was great to be able to walk away from an introduction course with several finished products and the confidence of being able to create more on my own. I hope to take an intermediate course when it is available (hint hint) as there is so many other mediums I would love to work with. I also liked the fact that we moved at my own pace and everything I needed was provided.

Andrew Poon


The Felting Course was so much fun!!!. The experience was amazing! I learned so much and I was so exciting. Beata is such an amazing teacher person & friend. I love learning new and creative ideas from her! She’s the best! I will be back for more creations! Thank you Beata.

Mimi Lee


You don’t know how happy I am to have found you. Thanks for being the lovely person you are. Can’t wait for our next creative outburst.

Dalia Fatani


I  have been aware of what you have been doing with Soigne and have been extremely impressed since 1st hearing. I live and work the majority of the year down in Colombia and i work with some very talented craftsman & women and some awesome jewelers. and they love your style and aesthetic.

Mike Graham (COLOMBIA)


Thanks for a great workshop! You made it very easy to understand and everything was laid out very well and organized. Would definitely recommend to others that are looking for a well organized and through workshop. I really liked the handout and how it was formatted and laid out. very well done.



Love your work, very creative, would like to tap into your energy! Thanks! Daniella Pacifico.

Beautiful work Beata! as always!-very inspiring! Rowena+Dante

Beata ! Such a delight! Thanks for showing such wonderful art! Angela

Beata, Great meeting you.Beautiful! Congratulations on all your brilliant work! Warmest, Benita

Always a pleasure to see you and the “chefs d’oeuvres” you do! Josee

Congratulations for your Culture Crawl, I am very excited to be here, good luck!!! Quinn

You rock Beata!
You are so inspiring with your energy and all the creative stuff you do! I absolutely admire! Guzin