‘Faith, Hope and Love’

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Trinity Ring – make your own individualized inter-linked ring design that represents: ‘Faith, Hope and Love’. There are literally endless possibilities how to design a Trinity Ring. If we go back in history, a new distinctive ring design was introduced and joined the Russian ring tradition during the 19th century. This new concept of a ring was made of different gold colors representing the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit). It became known as Russian wedding or Trinity ring. Today there are many different kind of Trinity ring concepts that are not only made in gold but also in Sterling Silver that have individualized textures and colors of contrast and shapes included. The traditional Trinity ring is made of 3 inter-linked rings but it can have as many as 4 or more. In this course you will make 3 inter-linked one-of-a-kind Trinity rings in Sterling Silver. You will learn and apply basic goldsmithing skills such as measuring, cutting, bending, soldering, texturing with different hammers, adding color to enhance contrast to silver and finishing techniques. These are great rings to wear every day. Besides, a gentle movement is creating a calming effect while wearing the ring. The look of this special ring is ever changing as the angles of each ring inter-linked are changing frequently, making it a truly unique ring concept.