Polymer clay is a sculptable material based on the polymer polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It usually contains no clay minerals, and is only called “clay” because its texture and working properties resemble those of mineral clay. It is sold in craft, hobby, and art stores, and is used by artists, hobbyists, and children.


3 hours course|$70 +GST

tools and supplies provided | small classes | max. 4 students

Email to beata.kc@gmail.com to schedule the class

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Would you ever believe you could use a pasta machine to make polymer clay beads, or extrude thin spaghetti shapes to decorate beads.  In the Soigne Polymer Magic Course that’s exactly what you will do.  During the course you will make 3 different kind of beautiful beads in various sizes. We will be using a Millefiori [The term millefiori is a combination of the Italian words “mille” (thousand) and “fiori” (flowers)] technique for all the beads. During the course you can either spend the entire three hours making your beads, or spend time making beads and then building your own necklace with them.