Macaron Candle Class is for children 10 and up and parents has to participate in the class with a child younger than 18.

If you are booking class bought on Groupon, Social Shopper or Living Social please email us  ( your VOUCHER NUMBER, all the emails of the participants, date and time. (no booking over the phone). Please don’t attach the voucher picture just copy and paste the number.

Below are examples of the vouchers:

Groupon (under the bar code) 2975-8830

Social Shopper: UU8PVHXPFD

Living Social:1000251776340

Booking has to be placed before voucher expire date. Already expired vouchers can be used as the purchase value towards the class price ( expired voucher + 25$ per person ) . 


2 hours class|$60 + $3 GST ( Groupon promo price 35$)

Why join our classes?

tools and supplies provided | max. 12 students | 

December 6th: 4:30-6:30pm; 7pm-9pm ( Wednesday)
December 7th: 4pm-6pm ( Thursday)
December 16th: 9am-11pm, 11:30-1:30pm, 2pm-4pm  (Saturday)

For students work click HERE

Is there anything cuter that Macaron candles? You will make two differently coloured candles using soy wax and scenting them with fragrances of your choice. This 1.5 hour class will teach you how to use a mould for wax and manipulate it to get a frosty effect..and NO you can’t eat them 😉