LEATHER WORK, with Beata Kacy

3 hours course|$85 + gst ( promo price $70 paid in the class)

Email to beata.kc@gmail.com to schedule the class

Why join our classes?

tools and supplies provided | small classes | max. 4 students | no experience required

For students work click HERE

During the 3 hour course we will cover basic techniques to get you started with leather. You will learn how to cut the leather, get to know various edge finishes, punch holes and work with rivets, snaps, and bolts. Additionally we will cover texturing techniques and mixed media techniques such as connecting felt and leather. After the course you will leave the class with 2-3 ready to wear cuffs.  We are using only recycled vegetable-tanned cattle scrap of leather.




LEATHER WORK level 2-  Bag, with Beata Kacy

4 hour course|$120 + 5% gst

Email us to set up the date 

Why join our classes?

 small classes | max. 2 students |level 1 leather work required

For students work click HERE

Please call for other class dates or choose day and time which suits you.

During the 4 hour class students will use their knowledge from Level 1 Leather Work such as cutting leather, riveting, texturing and combining 2 surfaces together. Bag ( felt and leather) will be the final product of the class. Student will purchase leather and all the hardware ( shop location will be provided). If students needs help Instructor can meet at the store( 30$ extra) to help choosing the supplies.